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Tecsys provides transformative supply chain solutions that equip our customers to succeed in a rapidly changing omni-channel world. From demand planning to demand fulfillment, Tecsys puts power into the hands of both front-line workers and back office planners and unshackles business leaders so they can see and manage their supply chains like never before. YOU are the future of the company. Innovation begins within Tecsys!

Heritage of Company

Since 1983, Tecsys has helped hundreds of leading organizations to solve their unique warehousing and distribution challenges. And we’ve only just begun!


Over 1,500 major sites run Tecsys applications, with over 600 customers! Our customers were the top four of Gartner’s Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25.

Growing Opportunities

We are a community of people who have new ideas, unique perspectives, collaborate and feel fulfilled by our work. We create and build solutions that work beautifully.

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Innovation at Tecsys


Blockchain technology is a rising trend in the management of supply chain... but what is it, really?

Blockchain technology is a rising trend in the management of supply chain. More commonly known as the distributed ledger, blockchain technology is a shared, inflexible ledger for recording the history of transactions that is independent of a central authority, server, or data center.

This technology will power a new generation of decentralized transactional applications intended to establish trust, accountability, and transparency. Supply chain management is a prime arena for blockchain concepts because of the routine need among multiple parties to conduct business of a multi-enterprise nature along global value chains.

So what is blockchain? The term was created to describe a loosely combined set of technologies and processes, including middleware, database, security, analytics/artificial intelligence, monetary, and identity management concepts. This relatively new concept will see a great number of initiatives spearheaded over the coming years, and the majority will inevitably fail. This is to be expected as we attempt to integrate new a concept with the potential for influence that blockchain has. As the technology evolves, highly decentralized supply chain management functions, such as smart contracts or traceability and authentication, will benefit from innovations and breakthroughs in the form of efficiency improvements in transactions and interactions.

Tecsys and its employees are driven by innovation, and we look toward the future with a vision that does not have prebuilt boundaries. The creativity of our development teams uniquely positions Tecsys to leverage rising technologies and be a leader in supply chain management. Not only are we solving real-time, supply chain-centric business problems with state-of-the-art technologies, but our collaboration with global healthcare and complex distribution industries gives us access to an enormous collection of data that positions us at the epicenter of developing world-class technology solutions.

By joining the Tecsys team, you’ll have the opportunity to work at the ground floor level of emerging technologies such as these, and lead the way in solutions that will change the way we live and do business.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important trends in supply chain management is using AI systems that learn, adapt, and act autonomously to facilitate decision making and process automation.

Data Science is the leading technological field of the 21st century, and at the forefront is artificial intelligence. One of the most important trends in supply chain management is using AI systems that learn, adapt, and act autonomously to facilitate decision making and process automation.

Artificial Intelligence is still evolving, and it’s an exciting time to work in this emerging space. Over the next decade, AI will lead the charge across digital initiatives as it is used to reinforce decision making, revive business models and ecosystems, and advance the customer experience. As AI matures, it could even render other developing technology trends superfluous. Components of AI are already found in systems such as search engines, industrial robots, speech recognition, and data mining solutions.

In Supply Chain, AI has great potential as a tool to identify possible risk exposure. The goal is to use patterns identified within large datasets collected from the enterprise, customers, or suppliers to provide humans with new insights—without being explicitly programmed to do so. Currently, AI systems continue to rely on traditional optimization techniques or expert systems to generate recommendations that will allow us to avoid or mitigate risk. As we work to develop AI as a tool in supply chain, it will be essential to combine predictive analytics with more advanced prescriptive capabilities.

Tecsys is just one of the forward-thinking organizations using artificial intelligence to revolutionize supply chain management. The Federal Government of Canada has committed $250 Billion in investment funding toward the creation of the AI-powered Supply Chain Supercluster in order to propel the technological innovations needed to make AI a powerful supply chain tool. This initiative will also move the Canadian Economy into the next century as a center of excellence. By joining Tecsys, you will not only to advance your own skill set, but also help Tecsys and Canada’s economy excel along with you.

We provide technology and application to the health industry that will improve efficiency, outcome, and will allow the efficient use of resources.

Berty Ho-Wo-Cheong

Vice-President, Mergers & Acquisitions

We live in a technological era and that's something that we really focus on. This vision is important because it helps to make a better work environment for everyone.

Vanessa Eugene

Java / Web Developer

The vision of the future is to be everywhere. We are always trying to improve everywhere we are.

Mazin El-Achkar

Director at Tecsys

TECSYS front desk

The Culture

Our culture is built on integrity, respect for every individual and collaboration. These core values extend further than the walls of our enterprise. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without our community and we make it our mission to thank our local charities.


Based in Montreal, the Tecsys team reflects the nature of this beautiful cultural melting pot. Montreal’s diversity is extremely distinct, you could consider it a cultural universe of its own!


Educational opportunities, advancement possibilities, a group retirement saving plan, a wellness program and the encouragement of innovation are just a few of the additional benefits.

Work / Life Balance

Family is key to the Tecsys culture, and we believe in a strong and healthy work life balance. Each member can benefit from the social support and friendship of the Tecsys community.

The culture is more about being a family. I love the people that I work with and the environment that I work in.

Sandra Santa

Business Analyst

It’s all about the people, they are very open. I came in with new ideas that I wanted to do, and people reacted great.

Yan Charbonneau

VP, Research & Development

It is a great place to work, with an excellent set of leaders that continue to guide Tecsys.

Greg MacNeill

Senior VP, Worldwide Sales

Montreal city skyline at night

Life in Montreal

Living in Montreal has never been more appealing! The cost of living is affordable, excellent restaurants, safe community and wonderful public transit. The city has excellent festivals drawing in crowds from around the world. Best of all, Montreal gives you an opportunity to enjoy so many different cultures and diversity.

Living in Montreal

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What is it like living in Montreal? How do living costs in Montreal compare with other Canadian cities? We help you address some of the questions about Montreal as you prepare to move to this unique city.

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and the second-largest predominantly French-speaking city in the western world, after Paris. Language is the most conspicuous difference between this city and province and the rest of Canada, but more on that later.

The city’s reputation for lively nightlife and hedonism began during the period of prohibition when revelers would head north in search of a good time. Montreal remains a bustling, cosmopolitan city to this today. It has a more European feel than a standard North American city. Moreover, living costs in Montreal are generally more affordable than in other large Canadian cities.

The city takes its name from the three-peaked hill, Mount Royal, which sits immediately northwest of downtown.

12 of Montreal's best neighborhoods

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Montreal (CNN) — Montreal is home to more than 200 ethnic groups that have all stitched their own patches into the urban quilt, and the city is full of distinct neighborhoods — some created hundreds of years ago and others born of the 21st century.

Many of them are hosting special events this year as the city celebrates its 375th birthday. But in any year, the city’s diverse districts provide visitors with much to explore.

“It’s definitely a city of boroughs and neighborhoods,” said Danny Pavlopoulos, who guides Montreal foodie tours for Spade & Palacio. “There are so many. And they’re so close together. And they’re all so different.”

To prove his point, Pavlopoulos took me on a tasting tour that included Salvadoran pupusasand horchata in La Petite-Patrie, gourmet cheeses, mushrooms and gelato in Little Italy and hipster coffee and craft beer joints in Mile-Ex — three dramatically different areas within a 20-minute walk of one another.

Even lifelong locals are amazed by the surprising variety one encounters while moving from one area of Montreal to another. “It is a pleasure to be able to calculate, to subdue, to rub shoulders with the mystery that was taking place in the neighborhoods, villages and alleys of Montreal,” wrote Monique LaRue in her award-winning 2009 novel “L’Oeil de Marquise.” And that continues to hold true.